How to Find a Picture’s Location on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet - dummies

How to Find a Picture’s Location on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

By Dan Gookin

Your Samsung Galaxy tablet can be configured to save additional information with each picture you snap. What you can do with that information is display it while viewing a picture, and even locate the exact spot where you took a picture, right on the Maps app.

To view location and weather information for a photo, touch the photo’s image when it’s displayed full screen in the Gallery app. The first time you touch the screen, you may see the onscreen controls. That’s fine; touch the screen again to see any stored weather or location information.


To use the Maps app to view the displayed location, touch the Menu button and choose the Get Directions command. The Maps app starts, showing the location where the image was taken. It also lists directions, plus a Start icon to begin navigating to that location.

If you’d rather just view the map location, touch the X button in the Search box on the Maps app screen. When you do so, the pin icon marking the photo’s location disappears, but you can still view the general area.

  • Not every image stores location information. In some cases, the tablet cannot read its GPS radio to store the information. When this happens, location information is unavailable.

  • You can sort images in the Gallery based on their location. Touch the View menu and choose the Locations command.