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Basics of the Sound Screen on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

By Dan Gookin

The Sound screen is where you control which sound the Samsung Galaxy tablet plays as a ringtone, but it’s also where you can set volume and vibration options.

To display the Sound screen, choose Sound from the list of categories on the left side of the Settings app screen. If you don’t see the Sound category, first choose the Device tab.

Here are the worthy options on the Sound screen:

  • Volume: Though you can set the Galaxy tablet volume using the Volume key on the side of the gizmo, the Volume command on the Sound screen lets you set the volume for a number of sound events.

    Volume Setting Sounds It Controls
    Music, video, and so on The web, YouTube, movie and TV rentals and purchases, games,
    and so on
    Notification New notifications, such as new e-mail messages, calendar
    appointments, alarms, or whatever else produces an alert
    System Sounds generated by the Android operating system, such as when
    locking the screen or connecting the dock or USB cable, warnings,
    as well as other alerts
            For example, if
    you want video games to be quiet and alarms to be loud, adjust each
    slider accordingly.
  • Default Notification Sound/Notifications: Choose which sound you want to hear for a notification alert. You can optionally choose an app to use after touching the Notifications entry. For example, you might see a Complete Action Using menu showing both Media Storage and Zedge Ringtones listed. Choose an app, and then touch either Just Once or Always. Select a sound from the list, or choose Silent for no sound.

    Also check individual apps for their own notification sounds. For example, Facebook and Twitter set their sounds by using the Settings command in those individual apps.

    See the sidebar “Always or just once” for more information on the Complete Action Using menu.

  • Vibration Intensity: Tablets that sport the vibration feature use this category to control vibration settings. Two sliders appear on the Vibration Intensity menu: Notification and Haptic Feedback.

    The Notification item is a general vibration setting. It’s used specifically when you’ve muted the tablet.

    The Haptic Feedback item applies to other tablet activities, such as long-pressing an icon or using the onscreen keyboard. That slight vibration you feel during those actions is set by adjusting the Haptic Feedback slider.

    Touch the OK button after messing with the various vibration settings.