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2 Must Have Movie Apps for Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

By Dan Gookin

Who doesn’t like to watch movies? There are two must have apps for your Samsung Galaxy tablet that focus on movies, Netlix and Movies by Flixster. These apps focus on different aspects of movies and may help enhance your movie experience.

  • Movies by Flixster: The Movies by Flixster app is your Galaxy tablet’s gateway to Hollywood. It lists currently running films and films that are opening, and it has links to your local theaters with showtimes and other information. The app is also tied into the popular Rotten Tomatoes website for reviews and feedback. If you enjoy going to the movies, you’ll find the Movies app a valuable addition to your tablet’s app library.

  • Netflix: It’s not the big screen. It’s not even the little screen, but it’s still something to watch. The Netflix app gives you access to a streaming library full of television and movies. You can hook up the headphones, turn on the tablet, and sit back and enjoy your favorite show or a flick from the golden era of Hollywood.

    The Netflix app is free, but to get the most from it you need a subscription to Netflix’s streaming video service. The subscription doesn’t cost much, plus the Galaxy tablet can count as one of the three devices you can use to access your Netflix account. So you can still watch on the TV or the computer while you enjoy taking movies with you anywhere.