How to Read Periodicals on Your Kindle Fire - dummies

How to Read Periodicals on Your Kindle Fire

Reading magazines and newspapers on your Kindle Fire is similar to reading books, with a few important differences. You navigate magazines a bit differently and can display them in two different views.

Follow these steps to read a magazine or newspaper:

  1. From the Home screen, tap Newsstand.

  2. Tap a magazine or newspaper in the Newsstand to read it.

    Alternatively, you can tap an item on the Carousel from the Home screen.

    If the publication hasn’t been downloaded to the device, it begins to download now.

    With the Options bar visible, thumbnails of all pages in the publication are displayed along the bottom of the screen.

  3. Swipe right or left to scroll through these pages, or drag the scroll bar indicator left or right.


  4. When you find the page you want, tap that page to display it full screen.

    The Menu button on the Options bar displays contents of the current issue.

  5. Tap an item in the table of contents to go to that item.

As with books, you can double-tap to enlarge text on the page; double-tap again to reduce the size of the text. You can also pinch and unpinch the touchscreen to move between larger and smaller views of a page’s contents.

Some periodicals can appear in two views:

  • Text view: In Text view, you see articles in more of an e-reader format (meaning that you get larger text with no columns and no images). In Text view, there’s a Font button on the Options bar offering Font Style and Typeface tabs to adjust the size and font used for text. There’s also a Style choice for changing Size, Spacing, Margins, and Color Mode (page background).

  • Page view: Page view shows an exact image of the publication’s pages, with all columns and photos intact. You can scroll through the magazine, view it in landscape or portrait orientation, and pinch and unpinch to zoom in and out of the pages.

Tap the Page View or Text View button in the top-right corner of a displayed periodical to switch between these views (if the periodical offers this feature).