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10 Tips for Using Your Kindle Paperwhite

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Kindle Paperwhite. These tips come straight to you from those who know, Kindle Paperwhite users.

Be a bargain hunter

Many people ask if you can buy an e-book version of a previously purchased printed book for free or for a reduced price. Until November 2013, the answer to that question was no — but then Amazon introduced Kindle Matchbook. This program allows you to buy e-books of print books you’ve previously purchased on Amazon. (Not all books are in the program.) If you’ve been a loyal Amazon customer, you probably have many books on your shelf that will qualify for this program.

You can search for other bargains in addition to Matchbook. Amazon has a Daily Deal, where you can buy current popular books at deeply discounted prices, often $1.99 or less. These deals last only a day, so make sure to take advantage of them when you see ones you want.

Another way to find out about free books is to peruse the Top 100 Free Books at the main page of the Kindle Store. This list is updated hourly, so be sure to check it often.

Kindle First is another program that allows you to get one new release per month for $1.99 or free for Amazon Prime customers. You may choose from four books selected from Amazon Editions. Sign up for the monthly newsletter to be alerted to the choices on the first of the month.

Personalize your device

Make your Kindle Paperwhite unique. Here are two tips to personalize your Kindle Paperwhite:

  • Name your device. Give your Kindle Paperwhite a special name that reflects your — and its — personality.

  • Change the font and font size. The Kindle Paperwhite has six fonts. Play around with them to find the one that’s most comfortable for your eyes.

Be clever with collections

Many readers organize their Kindle Paperwhite e-books into collections so that they can quickly find their favorites among the dozens or hundreds of books stored on the device. Why not have some fun?

  • Once Upon a Time (young adult/children)

  • Books that Make Me Look Smart (classics)

  • Small Servings (samples)

  • On the Nightstand (currently reading)

  • On the Docket (coming up next)

  • What Was I Thinking? DNF (did not finish)

  • Maybe Someday (all unread books)

  • Can’t Resist a Bargain (cheap or freebies)

  • Tell Me about Your Life (autobiographies and biographies)

  • A Blast from the Past (historical fiction)

  • Magic and Mayhem (fantasy and paranormal)

  • Future Bestsellers (books from indie authors)

  • Extra! Extra! (subscription content, such as newspapers and magazines)

  • Let’s Eat! (cookbooks)

  • Technical Manuals (guilty pleasures and erotica)

Have fun with words

Here are a few tips for having fun with words on your Kindle Paperwhite:

  • Use the dictionary to look up unfamiliar words.

  • Share new words on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Translate words into another language.

  • Translate words into English.

  • Play Every Word.

    Every Word is a fun word-building game designed for the Kindle and available for free from Amazon.

Keep your device safe

The following list provides tips for keeping your Kindle Paperwhite safe and in working order:

  • Don’t drop the device.

  • Keep the device away from water.

  • Keep the device clean.

  • Don’t use, store, or charge the device in extreme temperatures.

  • Keep the device in a cover, sleeve, or jacket.

  • Don’t let young children handle the device.

  • Protect your Kindle Paperwhite from your pets.

  • Don’t leave your Kindle Paperwhite on a chair or bed.

Fly with your Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect traveling companion, helping you get through hours of waiting in airports.

  • Use common sense for airport security and screening. Take the Kindle Paperwhite out of your bag or carry-on and put it in the screening bin. The Kindle Paperwhite needs to be turned off, the wireless needs to be turned off, and the device must be in Airplane mode.

  • Don’t leave your Kindle Paperwhite in the seat pocket of the plane.

  • If you are requested to do so, turn off the Kindle Paperwhite during takeoff and landing. In the eyes of the FAA, the Kindle Paperwhite is a portable electronic device and must be turned off (not just in Sleep mode) for takeoff and landing.

    Until November 2013, airline passengers were required to turn off their Kindles (all models, including the Kindle Paperwhite) during takeoff and landing and any time the plane was flying at less than 10,000 feet. However, the FAA has recently amended its rules to expand the use of personal electronic devices during all phases of a flight — they hope to provide passengers with a “gate-to-gate” reading, gaming, and video-watching experience. Each airline carrier will be able to decide individually how to implement these new rules. As a result, things will be “up in the air” for several months as airlines decide how to proceed. Listen carefully to all announcements from the flight attendants and pilot and, if required, turn off your Kindle during takeoff and landing.

  • Never turn on 3G on airplane.

    Even though you can read a Kindle Paperwhite while flying, 3G (if your Kindle Paperwhite is so equipped) must be turned off, as with a cellphone. If the airline provides in-flight Wi-Fi, you can turn on the wireless on a Wi-Fi–only Kindle Paperwhite when the flight attendant or pilot allows it.

  • Make sure you have the proper charging equipment when traveling.

  • Load your Kindle Paperwhite with reading content before you leave.

Drive with your Kindle Paperwhite

If you travel a lot by car, consider getting a car charger. Then you won’t need to charge your Kindle Paperwhite in a hotel room, which means you’ll have less chance of leaving the power cord, plug, and even Kindle Paperwhite behind.

If you frequently travel by car, consider getting a Kindle/Audible audiobook bundle to use with your preferred audio device. Whispersync for Voice makes it easy to listen to a book while you’re driving.

Troubleshoot your device

Having trouble with your Kindle Paperwhite? Following are some of the most common resolutions to Kindle Paperwhite issues:

  • Turn your Kindle Paperwhite off and then on again.

  • Restart your Kindle Paperwhite using the menu. Try restarting your Kindle Paperwhite through the menu system. Tap→Menu→Settings→Menu→Restart.

  • Perform a hard restart of your Kindle Paperwhite.

  • Make sure your Kindle Paperwhite is fully charged.

  • Contact customer service.

Buy great gifts

You can send an electronic Amazon gift card, in any amount up to $2,000. To give a Kindle Paperwhite e-book as a gift, search the Kindle Store for one; then select the Give as a Gift option on the purchase page and go from there. You need to know the recipient’s e-mail address to complete either transaction.

Another great gift is a 3-, 6-, or 12-month membership at Audible.com. A membership allows your recipient to buy audiobooks and synchronize them between an audio device and the Kindle Paperwhite for a combined reading and listening experience.

Convert a friend

Most people who experience a Kindle Paperwhite become quite enamored with it and, as a result, want to convert their friends and relatives. Consider the following:

  • The Kindle app can be used on a computer, an iPad, or a smartphone.

  • The Kindle Paperwhite is environmentally friendly.

  • The Kindle Paperwhite is hypoallergenic.

  • A Kindle Paperwhite can help decrease clutter and save space.

  • A Kindle Paperwhite library can never be destroyed in a fire or flood.

  • You can save money on e-book purchases.

  • You can change the font size, making reading easier.

  • You can make annotations without harming the e-book.

  • Improve your vocabulary by using the dictionary to look up unfamiliar words.

  • Keep your reading list private.