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iPad mini For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your iPad mini has a multitouch screen that you can flick and tap to go from one app to the next. Or tell Siri, who understands dictation, what information to find, music to play, or app to open. From many of your iPad mini apps, including e-mail and iMessage, you can share photos. If there’s a hang-up along the way, know how to troubleshoot your tablet.

Using the iPad mini Multitouch Screen

Getting used to the iPad mini multitouch screen and virtual keyboard can take time; swiping, tapping, flicking, and pinching help you handle tasks like deleting apps and making pictures larger. Using your iPad mini’s touchscreen icons, buttons, and connections works like this:

  • Flick a finger to scroll through music, pictures, e-mails, contacts, and more.

  • Tap against the screen to open applications, play songs, choose photos, and so on.

  • Pinch and spread (unpinch) to enlarge web pages and pictures, or make them smaller. The actions involve placing your thumb and index finger against the screen. Then, keeping the thumb in place, drag your index finger to pinch or spread accordingly.

  • Swipe from bottom to top on the screen to use Control Center to turn on and off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more.

  • Swipe from top to bottom on the screen to open the Notification Center; swipe from bottom to top to close it.

  • Trust the virtual keyboard. The touchscreen provides visual suggestions and corrects mistakes on the fly.

  • Hold your finger against the screen to correct errors. A magnifying glass lets you position the pointer in the precise spot you want to edit.

How to Troubleshoot Your iPad mini

Troubleshooting your iPad mini might be necessary at some point. If your iPad mini locks up, or just isn’t working quite right, try these steps. Start with the first tip and then try the other troubleshooting ideas.

Restart your iPad mini

  1. Press and hold the sleep/wake button

  2. Slide the red slider to turn it off.

  3. Wait a few seconds, and then press the sleep/wake button to turn the iPad mini back on.

Reset and restart your iPad mini

Resetting your iPad mini erases all your data and media and resets all your settings! To reset your iPad mini, press and hold the sleep/wake button and the Home buttons. Don’t release them until you see the Apple logo.

Reset the iPad mini settings

Resetting iPad settings won’t erase your data, but you’ll probably have to change some settings afterwards.

  1. Tap the Settings icon on your Home screen.

  2. Tap General, then Reset, and then Reset All Settings.

Restore your iPad mini

This suggestion erases all your data and media and resets all your settings!

  1. Connect your iPad mini to your computer with your USB cord, as though you were about to sync.

  2. Select the iPad in the iTunes source list.

  3. Click the Restore button on the Summary tab.

    Because your data and media (except photos you’ve taken as well as contacts, calendar events, and playlists you’ve created or modified since your last sync) still exist on your computer, you shouldn’t lose anything. Your next sync will take longer, and you’ll have to reset any settings you’ve changed since you bought your iPad mini. But your media and data files shouldn’t be affected.

    One last thing: If you’re using iCloud, photos you’ve taken, calendar events, and new contacts you’ve added since your last sync should be in the cloud — they should reappear after you restore. The only items in danger, at least in theory, are playlists you’ve created on your iPad since your last sync. That said, it wouldn’t hurt to let iTunes back up the contents of your iPad mini before you click the Restore button.

iPad mini: Sharing Photos by E-Mail or iMessage

On your iPad mini, use the Share button to send photos to a contact without using the Contacts list. You can send pictures via e-mail or iMessage. And you can share a link to something you’re viewing the same way.

  1. In the Photos app, tap Albums at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Tap Camera Roll.

  3. Tap the Select button in the upper-right corner.

  4. Tap the photos to send to your contacts.

    You can select as many as you like, but you can only send 5 at a time via e-mail and 20 at a time via iMessage.

  5. Tap the Share button.

  6. Tap Mail or Message.

    If you’ve selected more photos than allowed, the option Mail or Message icon won’t appear when you tap the Share button. If that happens, tap some of the selected photos — they have a check mark — to deselect them. Now tap the Share button again, and then tap Mail or Message. When you do, the New Message window fills the screen.

  7. Type in the To field.

    Contacts that match what you type will appear. Or, you can tap the + button on the right end of the To field to see an overlay with all of your contacts.

  8. Type a message to go along with the photos. Or not.

  9. When you’re happy with your creation, tap the Send button.

iPad mini: Using Siri to Your Best Advantage

To use the Siri feature on your iPad mini, press and hold the Home button until you see this on the screen: “What can I help you with?” Release the button, and Siri is ready to answer your question. Ask Siri questions or make Siri open iOS 7 apps for you. Siri can do things on your iPad mini that you might not even expect, like make appointments or set reminders.

Here are just a sampling of questions to ask Siri:

  • Get weather info:

    What’s the weather today?

    How’s the weather this week?

    What will the temperature be in Boca Raton tomorrow?

  • Open apps:

    Play Infinity Blade III.

    Launch Photos.

    Open Red Laser app.

  • Find information:

    What did the NASDAQ close at today?

    Who won the Cubs game today?

    How many feet are in a kilometer?

    What time is it in Tokyo?

    What movies are playing nearby?

  • Miscellaneous:

    Remind me to call Mom when I get home.

    Schedule dinner with Lisa Monday night at 7.

    Do I have any appointments tomorrow?

    Play music by the Beatles.

    Find good pizza nearby.

    Enable Wi-Fi.

    Set an alarm for 6:30AM tomorrow.

    Find pictures of Vizsla puppies.