How to Set the Date and Time for Your iPad - dummies

How to Set the Date and Time for Your iPad

By default, your iPad is set to Cupertino time — Cupertino, California, that is, home to Apple Computer. If you have occasion to reset the time zone or date and time, either because you live somewhere other than near Apple headquarters or you travel around with your iPad, here’s how you control the time setting on your iPad:

  1. Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen.

  2. Tap General.

  3. Tap Date & Time.

The settings shown in here appear. You can choose the time format or time zone, or let iPad set things up for you.


  1. Do any of the following:

    • Tap the Off button to turn 24-hour time on. This is military time, so 2 p.m. is 1400, and so on.

    • Tap the On/Off button for Set Automatically. This feature sets your time and date based on your current location.

    • Turn off the Set Automatically setting and then tap Time Zone, and a text entry field displays along with your onscreen keyboard. Press the Delete key to delete Cupertino, and type your location. (If you type a major city near you and in the same time zone, it comes up on a list as you type, and you can just tap to select it.)