How to Manage E-mail on Your iPad - dummies

How to Manage E-mail on Your iPad

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

Managing e-mail messages on your iPad typically involves either moving the messages to a folder or deleting them. To herd your messages into folders, you have the following options:

  • To create a folder to organize messages you want to keep, manage your mail account on your Mac or PC. You can’t create a Mail folder on the iPad.

  • To file a message in another folder, tap the File Message icon. When the list of folders appears, tap the folder where you want to file the message.

  • To read a message that you’ve filed away, tap the folder where the message now resides and then tap the header or preview for the message in question.

  • To print a message, tap the Action button (refer to the figure) and then tap Print.

  • To delete, move, or mark multiple messages, tap Edit. In both portrait and landscape, Edit appears at the top of your inbox or another mailbox when those mail folders are selected. After tapping Edit, it becomes a Cancel button and new Delete, Move, and Mark buttons appear at the bottom of the list, as shown in the figure. Tap each message you want to select so that a red check mark appears.


    • Tap Delete to delete all selected messages.

    • Tap Move to move all selected messages to another folder, and then tap the new folder in which you want those messages to hang out.

    • Tap Mark to mark all selected messages as Read (and Unread) and Flagged (and Unflagged).

  • To delete a single message, tap the Delete Message icon. You have a chance to cancel in case you tap the Delete Message icon by mistake.

  • To delete a single message without opening it, swipe one finger across the message in the mailbox list and then tap the red Delete button that appears to the right of the message.

In certain e-mail accounts, Gmail being one, the Delete option may be replaced by an Archive option, depending on your preference. That means you’re not so much getting rid of a message as stashing it aside, or to be precise, saving the deleted message in your All Mail folder. If the Archive message option does present itself, you will be able to turn the feature on or off in Settings.