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How to Find Music on Your iPad

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

With the Music app open on your iPad, the easiest way to find music is to type a song, artist, album, or composer name into the Search field in the lower-right corner of the screen.

You can also find songs (or artists, for that matter) without opening the Music app by typing their names in a Spotlight search.

If you’d rather browse your music library, tap the appropriate tab at the bottom of the screen — Playlists, Songs, Artists, Albums, or More — and all items of that type appear. Or, tap the More button to browse Genres, Composers, Podcasts, Audiobooks, and iTunes U content or to connect to a shared library.

Now you can find a song, artist, album, genre, composer, podcast, audiobook, or iTunes U course by either of these methods:

  • Flicking upward or downward to scroll up and down the list until you find what you’re looking for

  • Tapping one of the little letters on the right side of the screen to jump to that letter in the list (all categories except Genres)

Then, when you find what you’re looking for, here’s what happens based on which tab is selected:

  • Playlists: A grid of playlists available on this iPad appears. Tap a playlist and the songs it contains appear in a list, as shown in this image (tap a song to play it):


  • Songs: The song plays.

    If you’re not sure which song you want to listen to, try this: Tap the Shuffle button at the top of the screen (shown in the image). Your iPad then plays songs from your music collection at random.

  • Artists: A list of artists’ names appears. Tap an artist, and all the albums and songs by that artist appear; tap a song, and it plays.

    To see the list of artists, you can either tap the Artists button near the upper-left corner of the screen or tap the Artists tab at the bottom of the screen.

    This image is what you see after you tap an artist’s name (in this case, that artist is Bleu, one of Bob’s favorite singer/songwriters):


  • Albums: Albums works pretty much the same way as Artists, except you see a grid of album covers instead of a list of artists. Tap an album, and its contents appear.

    To play one of the songs on the album, tap it. To return to the grid of album covers, tap anywhere outside the overlay.

  • More: Tap More to see Genres, Composers, Podcasts, and Audiobooks.