How to Create a Personal Hotspot with an iPad mini - dummies

How to Create a Personal Hotspot with an iPad mini

If you have an iPad mini, the personal hotspot is a feature that lets your iPad mini with Wi-Fi + 4G share its cellular high-speed data connection with other devices, including computers, iPod touches, and other iPads.

To enable your personal hotspot and share your cellular data connection with others:

  1. Tap Settings on your Home screen.

  2. Tap Personal Hotspot.

  3. Tap the Personal Hotspot switch to enable it (it will turn green).

  4. Tap Wi-Fi Password to create or change the password for the Wi-Fi network you create.

Now Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB-enabled devices can join your hotspot network and share your iPad mini’s cellular data connection.

Your personal hotspot network adopts your iPad’s name, which happens to be Bob L’s iPad mini.


Most carriers offer support for personal hotspots in some or all of their data plans in the USA. There are still some that don’t, so check with your carrier if you don’t see a Personal Hotspot option in the Settings app (and, of course, your iPad has 4G).

Verizon doesn’t charge extra for this feature, but the data used by connected devices counts against your monthly data plan allotment.

To see how much data you’re using, tap Settings→General→Usage→Cellular Usage.