How To Edit Notes on iPad - dummies

How To Edit Notes on iPad

After creating a note on iPad, you can edit its text. For example, you can copy text and paste it elsewhere. You can also delete text.

Editing notes on iPad is similar to using a word processor or other text program — select the text first, then do something with it such as copying, moving, or deleting.

1With a note displayed, press and hold your finger on a word.

A toolbar appears.

2Tap Select.

Another toolbar appears.

If you want to select all text in a note, tap the Select All button on the toolbar instead of Select. If you don’t want to select all the text, but you want to select more than just one word, extend the selection to adjacent words by pressing one of the little handles at either end of the selection and dragging to the left or right.

3Tap the Copy or Cut button.

If you copy the text, a copy is placed in memory and later pasted elsewhere. If you cut text, then the text is moved from its original location when you paste it elsewhere.

4Press and hold your finger in the document at the spot where you want to place the text.

A toolbar appears.

5Tap the Paste button.

The text is either copied or moved to the new location, depending on whether you tapped Copy or Cut earlier.

To delete text, use the Select or Select All command to select it and then press the Delete key on the onscreen keyboard.

You can copy and paste text from elsewhere into a note if you like, but you can’t paste pictures.