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How to Prepare to Travel with Your Android Tablet

How far can you go with an Android tablet? As far as you want. As long as you can carry the tablet with you, it goes where you go. How it functions may change depending on your environment, and you can do a few things to prepare before you go.

Preparing to leave

Unless you’re being unexpectedly abducted, you should prepare several things before leaving on a trip with your Android tablet.

First and most important, of course, is to charge the thing. Plug in your Android tablet overnight before you leave the next day. The tablet’s battery is nice and robust, so it should last you your entire journey.

Second, consider loading up on some reading material, music, and a few new apps before you go.

For example, consider getting some eBooks for the road. Picking up some music might be a good idea as well. Visit the Play Store and see what’s hot or recommended.

Going to the airport

Check out following list of travel tips, all of which apply to taking an Android tablet with you on an extended journey:

  • Take the Android tablet’s AC adapter and USB cable with you. Put them in your carry-on luggage.

  • Most airports feature USB chargers, so you can charge the tablet in an airport, if you need to. Even though you need only the cable to charge, bring along the AC adapter, anyway.

  • At the security checkpoint, place your Android tablet in a bin by itself or with other electronics.

  • Use the Calendar app to keep track of your flights. The event title serves as the airline and flight number. For the event time, use the take-off and landing schedules. For the location, list the origin and destination airport codes. And, in the Description field, put the flight reservation number. If you’re using separate calendars (categories), specify the Travel calendar for your flight.

  • Most airlines offer apps you can use while traveling. Use the apps to not only keep track of flights but also check in. Eventually, printed tickets will disappear, and you’ll merely show your “ticket” on the Android tablet screen, which is then scanned at the gate.

  • Some apps you can use to organize your travel details are similar to, but more sophisticated than, the Calendar app. Visit the Google Play Store and search for travel or airline to find a host of apps.

Flying with an Android tablet

It truly is the most trendy of things to be aloft with the latest mobile gizmo. Like taking a cell phone on a plane, however, you have to follow some rules. Although your Android tablet isn’t a cell phone, you still have to heed the flight crew’s warnings regarding cell phones and other electronics — and those rules are changing.

Generally speaking, follow the flight crew’s direction when it comes to using your Android tablet whilst in the air. They’ll let you know when and how you can use the device — specifically, whether it needs to be turned off for take-off and landing and, once in the air, whether you can use it to access the mobile data network or to enable any wireless features, such as Wi-Fi and GPS.

First and foremost, turn off the Android tablet when instructed to do so. This direction is given before take-off and landing, so be prepared.

Before take-off, you’ll most likely want to put the tablet into Airplane mode. Yep, it’s the same Airplane mode you’d find on a cell phone: The various scary and dangerous wireless radios on the tablet are disabled in this mode. With Airplane mode active, you’re free to use the tablet in-flight.

The most convenient way to place the tablet in Airplane mode is to obey these quick steps:

  1. Press and hold the Power/Lock key.

    The Device Options menu appears.

  2. Choose Airplane Mode.

  3. Touch the OK button to confirm.

The most inconvenient way to put the tablet into Airplane mode is to use the Settings app. That’s because you’ll probably find an Airplane mode Quick Action that’s far easier to get to.

When the Android tablet is in Airplane mode, a special icon appears in the status area.

To exit Airplane mode, repeat these steps.

  • Airplane mode might be called Flight mode on some tablets.

  • You can compose e-mail while the tablet is in Airplane mode. Messages aren’t sent until you disable Airplane mode and connect again with a data network.

  • Bluetooth wireless is disabled in Airplane mode. Even so:

  • Many airlines feature onboard wireless networking. You can turn on wireless networking for your Android tablet and use a wireless network in the air: Simply activate the Wi-Fi, after placing the tablet in Airplane mode.

Getting to your destination

After you arrive at your destination, the tablet may update the date and time according to your new location. One additional step you may want to take is to set the tablet’s time zone. By doing so, you ensure that your schedule adapts properly to your new location.

To change the tablet’s time zone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Choose Date and Time.

    On some Samsung tablets, the Date and Time item is found by first touching the General tab.

  3. If you find an Automatic Time Zone setting, ensure that a check mark appears by that option.

    If so, you’re done; the tablet automatically updates its time references. Otherwise, continue with Step 4.

  4. Choose Select Time Zone.

  5. Pluck the current time zone from the list.

If you’ve set appointments for your new location, visit the Calendar app to ensure that their start and end times have been properly adjusted. If you’re prompted to update appointment times based on the new zone, do so.

When you’re done traveling or you change your time zone again, make sure that the tablet is updated as well.