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Your Android tablet gives you all kinds of options for connecting to the web. Not every Wi-Fi network provides free, unlimited access. Some connections are metered. That means the provider may charge you per minute or per megabyte for accessing the Internet, similar to the limitations placed on the mobile data network.

To configure the Wi-Fi connection as metered, and to ensure that you don’t exceed your data quota, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the network as you normally would.
  2. Open the Settings app and choose Data Usage.

    This item is located in the Wireless & Networks area, or on the Connections tab on some Samsung tablets.

  3. Tap the Action Overflow icon or MORE button.
  4. Choose Network Restrictions.

    This action might be titled Restrict Networks.

  5. Locate the current connection in the list and set its master control to the On position.

When a Wi-Fi connection is set as metered, your tablet monitors and restricts data access. You are warned when a large download or upload is attempted.

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