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Why Your Galaxy S 4 Has a Great Camera

By Bill Hughes

The Galaxy S 4 camera is a truly great option for taking very nice photos. If you’ve ever used a cameraphone, you might be thinking, “Why make such a big deal about this camera’s phone? Cameraphones aren’t worth the megapixels they’re made of.”

Granted, in the past, many cameraphones weren’t quite as good as a digital camera, but Samsung has addressed these issues with the Galaxy S 4.

  • Resolution: The resolution on most cameraphones is lower than what you typically get on a dedicated digital camera. The Galaxy S 4, however, sports an 8 megapixel (MP) camera — and that’s good enough to produce a 5×7 inch print that’s indistinguishable from what you could produce with an analog camera.

  • Photo transfer: With most cameraphones, the photos are hard to move from the camera to a computer. With the Samsung Galaxy S 4, however (remember: it uses the Android operating system), you can quickly and easily send an image, or a bunch of images, anywhere you want, easily and wirelessly.

  • Screen resolution: In practice, many cameraphone users just end up showing their pictures to friends right on their phones. Many cameraphone screens, however, don’t have very good resolution, which means your images don’t look so hot when you want to show them off to your friends. The good news is the Samsung Galaxy S 4 has a bright, high-resolution screen. Photos look really good on the Super AMOLED technology screen.

  • Organization: Most cameraphones don’t offer much in the way of organization tools. Your images are all just there on your phone, without any structure. But the Samsung Galaxy S 4 has the Gallery application that makes organizing your photos easier. It is also set up to share these photos easily.