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How to Wear Your Gear S2 Smartwatch

By Eric Butow

The Gear S2 is designed to look like a real watch, so don’t say you’re surprised that you have to put the Gear S2 on just as you do a regular watch.

Maybe you’ve never put on a watch before. Don’t laugh. If you’ve grown up with smartphones, you may not have needed a watch and have always just checked your phone for the time. So if you’re one of these watch-less souls, don’t be embarrassed.

The following figure shows you the different parts of the Gear S2. The case is flanked by two straps, each with a different height.

The technical terms for all the parts of the Gear S2.

Here’s how to attach the Gear S2 to your wrist:

  1. Place the bottom of the case on the top of your wrist.
  2. Place the large wrist strap inside the small strap’s buckle.
  3. Pull the large strap until the watch is snug (but not tight) around your wrist.
  4. Insert the large strap under the free loops on the short band to keep the strap from flopping around.

Easy peasy.

But, you say, what if the large strap is a little too long for your wrist? Samsung thought about you and included a shorter large strap. The company also made it easy for you to replace the standard large strap with this shorter version.

If you’re viewing the Gear S2 screen, flip over the smartwatch so that you see the back of the case and the back of the wrist straps. At the end of the band that connects to the case, look for a spring-loaded bar (spring bar for short) that’s covered mostly by the band itself so that it doesn’t slip off. The ends of the bar fit into the lug holes. Lug is the term for the two brackets at the top and bottom of the case that holds the bands.

You can release the spring bar from the lug hole using the spring bar release button, shown here.

The spring bar release button is on the right side of the spring bar after you flip the watch over.

Remove the strap by pulling the spring bar release button to the left and holding the button there as you pull away from the case. One end of the spring bar appears on the right side of the band, as shown here.

There’s one end of the spring bar.

With one end of the spring bar free, pull the watch band to the right to free the other side of the spring bar from its lug hole and away from the watch case.

Now it’s time to get your new wrist strap and be sure that the back of the strap (that is, the side that will rest on your wrist) faces up.

Insert one end of the spring bar into the left lug hole. Now pull the spring bar button to the left so that the end of the spring bar on the right side of the band disappears, as shown.

You can’t see the end of the spring bar that you just inserted because the bar is hidden by the band.

Move the band toward the watch case until the spring bar is parallel to the bottom of the watch case. Now release your finger from the release button. The spring bar is connected to the lug.

Both ends of the spring bar are now connected to the lug.

Give the strap a tug to make sure that the strap is secure. If it isn’t, one of two things happens: The spring bar attaches to the lug hole with a little click, or the right side of the strap (or the entire strap) detaches, and you have to try attaching the strap again.

When your new wrist strap is secure, put the Gear S2 on and see how it feels with the shorter large strap. You can switch back to the regular-sized large strap whenever you want or even buy another strap from Samsung or a third party. Just type Samsung Gear S2 straps in your favorite web search engine and have fun shopping.