Useful Samsung Gear S2 Utilities - dummies

Useful Samsung Gear S2 Utilities

By Eric Butow

The Gear S2 already comes with a number of utility apps and widgets preinstalled, such as the Timer app. You should consider installing two other utilities on your Gear S2 after you’re comfortable using the device.


Calculator is a great utility to have when you need to make a quick calculation. (Not every restaurant leaves the suggested tip amounts on its receipts.) After you install the app, you just tap the calculator keys to perform an operation.

The operation in this example is 35 x 0.18 to calculate an 18 percent tip.

You can perform only simple arithmetic calculations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In the upper third of the screen, along with the operation you’re performing, you also see the result after you tap the green equal key at the bottom of the screen.

FlashLight S2

Smartphones have flashlight apps that let you use your smartphone flash as a flashlight. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that you can use your Gear S2 screen as a flashlight as well with FlashLight S2.

FlashLight S2 has three functions:

  • Flashlight: The screen acts as a flashlight with a light color you select. Then you can rotate your arm so the screen points to whatever you want to illuminate. The light on your screen can be seen from about a mile away (or a little over 1.5 kilometers away, for our friends outside the U.S.).
  • Strobe light: Turn your Gear S2 into a strobe light to get someone’s attention. You can change the light color as well as the speed of the flashes.
  • SOS: This light flashes SOS in Morse code, so anyone who sees it (such as from a law enforcement agency) and knows the SOS pattern will know that you’re calling for help.

After you install and start FlashLight S2, tap the screen or rotate the bezel to the right to open the menu, shown here. By default, the entire screen is bright white when you tap the large white circle in the center of the screen. Rotate the bezel to the left to change the color of the flashlight.

The yellow selection triangle appears below the white color swatch at the 12 o’clock position on the screen.

As you rotate the bezel, the selected color, which is the large circle in the center of the screen, changes. The yellow selection triangle also moves next to the color swatch that appears in the perimeter of the screen. Tap the selected color circle to show the entire color on the screen so that you can use the screen as a flashlight. Return to the menu by tapping the screen.

At the 9 o’clock position on the screen, you see a multicolored swatch. When you move the bezel to point the select triangle to this swatch, the selected color circle in the middle of the screen quickly switches among colors.

When you move the select triangle to the 10 o’clock position on the screen, the selected color circle flashes in the SOS pattern. Tap the circle to start flashing the SOS pattern.

At the 11 o’clock position on the screen, you see the strobe light icon. When you move the select triangle to the strobe light icon, the selected color circle begins flashing so that you can see how fast the strobe light flashes. Tap the selected color circle to run the strobe light on the entire screen. Then you can rotate the bezel to change the speed of the strobe flashes. Tapping the middle of the screen changes the strobe light color or turns off the strobe light.