How to Turn Off Your Gear S2 Smartwatch - dummies

How to Turn Off Your Gear S2 Smartwatch

By Eric Butow

When you’re satisfied with how the Gear S2 feels on your wrist and you decide that you want to take off your smartwatch and let it recharge, you need to turn off the Gear S2 itself.

All you have to do is press and hold on the Power button on the right side of the smartwatch case. After a couple of seconds, tap Power Off on the screen (see the following figure).

The Power Off option appears in the center of the screen.

The Samsung logo appears for a couple of seconds and then the screen turns off using a slick animation that makes it seem like you own a secret agent watch from 1960s TV shows. Now you can put the Gear S2 on the charger and charge up the battery, where you find out how to make your Gear S2 truly your own.