The Galaxy S 4 Camera Mode Settings - dummies

The Galaxy S 4 Camera Mode Settings

By Bill Hughes

The Mode setting is where you make some basic settings that describe the situation under which you will be taking your shot. The default is a single picture in Automatic mode. The Mode icon is a round button underneath the button for the shutter release. Tapping on this icon brings up the options in this figure.


The options rotate as you flick through them. To have the options display in Panorama mode, as seen in this figure, tap the button with the four squares in the lower-left corner.


Tapping the Mode icon brings up a number of choices:

  • Auto: Taking a single photo at a time is the default setting, which assume average light. It’s a good place to start.

  • Beauty Face: This mode automatically hides subtle facial imperfections. (No guarantees!)

  • Best Photo: This setting takes a quick series of three images per second for each press on the Camera icon; that way, you can later pick which one you really want. This option uses the same amount of memory and battery as taking six shots, which isn’t much. And it makes it more likely that everyone’s eyes will be open!

  • Best Face: This is a combination of the previous two.

  • Sound & Shot: This option records the ambient sound when you take a photo. This adds dimension to the still image.

  • Drama: The thumbnail image of the snowboarder in the figure shows what you can do with this option. The background does not move, but you get multiple shots of the person in motion.

  • Animated Photo: This option allows you to blend a still shot with a moving image. This is for the really creative among us.

  • Rich Tone (HDR): Rich Tone mode automatically enhances the depth of the colors in your shot.

  • Eraser: Have you ever been taking a picture when a clueless pedestrian unexpectedly walks into the viewfinder just as you snap? You want to take that fool out. Now you can (digitally remove them from the shot, that is). The camera takes a few extra images so you can see what was blocked, and your phone recreates the image without the pedestrian.

  • Panorama: Take a wider shot than you can with a single shot. Press the Camera button while you rotate through your desired field of view. The application then digitally stitches the individual photos into a single wide angle shot.

  • Sports: Some digital shots can be blurry if there is fast action. Sports mode compensates for this.

  • Night: This setting lengthens the duration of the shot to help improve the image.

Choose the option that sounds right and snap away.

These modes help when you are taking the shot. You can also edit an image later. You would probably find it easier to do complicated image editing on your desktop computer instead of your phone. However, you can make some edits on your phone and send your photo off right away. Your choice.