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The Advantages of Getting a Gmail Account

By Bill Hughes

With a Galaxy S6 phone, you may need to create a separate e-mail account through Google’s Gmail just for your phone. If you do not get a Gmail account, you’ll miss out on so many exciting capabilities.

You might already have work and personal e-mail accounts. You might even have an old e-mail account that you check only once in a while because some friends, for whatever reason, haven’t updated their profile for you and continue to use an old address.

The thought of getting yet another e-mail address, even one that’s free, might (understandably) be unappealing. After all, it’s another address and password to remember. However, some important functions on your phone require a Gmail account:

  • The ability to buy applications from the Google Play Store. (This is huge!)

  • The ability to use the Google Drive for storage. (This is pretty important and almost huge!)

  • Free access to the photo site Picasa (although other sites have many of the same features).

  • Access to the Music and Video Hub.

  • Automatic backup of your contacts and calendar.

To make a long story short, it’s worth the trouble to get a Gmail account, even if you already have a personal e-mail account.