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Ten Things the Galaxy S 4 Offers That S III Does Not

By Bill Hughes

The Samsung Galaxy S III is a great phone, but the Galaxy S 4 is better. Here are ten reasons why. Some of these are critically important. Others are kind of gimmicky, but cool nonetheless.

  • An HD Screen: If you have the chance to place the two screens side by side, do it. Even looking at the specifications, it’s not a close comparison. The screen on the S 4 is HD. It’s bright. The pixels are dense. Unless you only plan to use your phone for calls and texts, the screen offers a compelling case for selecting the S 4.

  • Raw Processing Power: You can look at specifications and see that the S 4 is a processing monster. The apps and graphics processors rival what many of us have in our desktop PCs.

  • A 13-Megapixel Camera: The specs are 13-megapixels for the S 4 versus 8-megapixels on the S III. More is better.

  • Air Gestures: The Air Gestures capability allows you to control certain basic functions without needing to touch the screen. This is handy when your hands are dirty or when you’re wearing gloves. Although you can turn up the sensitivity of the screen for when you plan to be wearing gloves, this is not always convenient.

  • Smart Scroll: When Smart Scroll is enabled, the camera watches your eyes. When you reach the end of the page, it scrolls to the right for you. This is very convenient.

  • Air View: Like the Air Gestures and Smart Scroll, the sensors on the phone can tell you when you hover your finger over a button. The phone knows that you want some more information, so it tells you more.

  • Group Play: The Group Play capability lets you interact with other S 4 owners. You can share apps and games. The coolest capability is that you can play the same music track through multiple phones.

  • S Translator: S Translator uses some of that processing capability. You talk in one language. It talks in another language, providing translation in real time. It really works!

  • S Health: Connecting your fitness monitoring accessories to your phone makes it much easier to track your progress. This capability is built-in to the S Health application that comes with your phone. You can purchase accessories, such as a heart rate monitor that is compatible with S Health, from Samsung.

  • WatchON Universal Remote Control: Your S 4 has a built-in infrared transmitter, so it can control your home entertainment systems. Not content to just be a regular remote control, the WatchON app sees what you’ve been watching and makes suggestions. How cool is that?