How to Sync a Bluetooth Headset to the Samsung Galaxy S8 - dummies

How to Sync a Bluetooth Headset to the Samsung Galaxy S8

By Bill Hughes

With a Bluetooth headset device, you can talk on your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone without having to hold the phone to your ear — and without any cords running from the phone to your earpiece. You’ve probably come across plenty of people talking on Bluetooth headsets. You might even have wondered whether they were a little crazy talking to themselves. Well, call yourself crazy now, because when you start using a Bluetooth headset, you might never want to go back.

Not surprisingly, Galaxy S8 phones can connect to Bluetooth devices. The first step to using a Bluetooth headset with your phone is to sync the two devices. Here’s how:

  1. From the Home screen on your phone, slide up to get to the Apps screen.

    This gets you to the list of all the applications on your phone.
  2. Flick or pan to the Settings icon and tap it.


    The Settings icon is shown here. This screen holds most of the settings that you can adjust on your phone. If you prefer, you can also bring down the notification screen and tap the gear icon or tap the menu button on the Home screen. All these actions will get you to the same place.

    Tapping on the Settings icon brings up the screen shown here.

    The Settings screen.
  3. Tap the Connections icon.

    All the options for connectivity on your phone appear.
  4. Tap the Bluetooth icon.

    This will bring up one of the two screens shown here. If Bluetooth is off, it will looks like the screen to the left. If it is on, it will look like the screen on the right.
    The Bluetooth Settings screens.
  5. Put the phone in to Pairing mode by turning on Bluetooth or by turning Bluetooth off and on again.

    This step enables your phone to be visible to other Bluetooth devices. This state will last for about 60 seconds — enough time for you to get your Bluetooth device into pairing mode so that both devices can negotiate the proper security settings and pair up every time they “see” each other from now on. For example, the phone in the right image recognizes its old friend, the Bose Color SoundLink. This device and the phone are shown in this image trying to re-establish a connection. The SoundLink and this phone had a connection at one time. That connection was broken. Now they want to pair up again. This is automatic once you exchange the correct security code.
  6. Next, put your headset into sync mode.

    Follow the instructions that came with your headset.

    After a moment, the phone “sees” the headset. When it does, you’re prompted to enter the security code, and the software keyboard pops up.

  7. Enter the security code for your headset and then tap the Enter button.

    The security code on most headsets is 0000, but check the instructions that came with your headset if that number doesn’t work.

    Your phone might see other devices in the immediate area. If so, it asks you which device you want to pair with. Tap the name of your headset.

    Your headset is now synced to your phone. If you turn one on when the other is already on, they recognize each other and automatically pair up.