How to Stylize Your Gear S2 Face - dummies

How to Stylize Your Gear S2 Face

By Eric Butow

Samsung has anticipated the need for you to scratch the itch that is the ability to change different features of your Gear S2 watch face. But you don’t just change it; you stylize it. (Ooooo.)

Not all faces can be stylized, and the features you can stylize depend on the face you’ve selected. For the example here, you stylize the Modern Utility face that comes as the default on the black Gear S2 Classic smartwatch. (If you want, you can stylize by using the Gear Manager app instead.)

Start by opening the Watch Faces screen. If your watch face can be stylized, the word Stylize appears under the face, as shown.

The Stylize option appears at the bottom of the screen.

Tap Stylize to open the Stylize screen. Now swipe right and left on the screen to view the five features available with this face:

  • Dial: Shows the watch face background color as well as the minute tick marks that appear on the outer edge of the screen. You may also see numbers with these tick marks.
  • Hands: Displays the minute and second hands, as you may have guessed.
  • Battery: Displays the current battery level from 1 (riding the ragged edge of emptiness) to 100 (full).
  • Steps: Shows the number of steps you’ve taken since you put the watch on.
  • Date: Displays the current date of the month.
The sample face shows you how your new dial will look.

When you see the feature you want to change, rotate the bezel to the right to view all the different options. As you rotate the bezel, the new option appears onscreen. For example, if you’re changing the dial, you see each dial onscreen as you rotate the bezel.

The blue area within the curved scroll bar on the right side of the screen also moves up and down as you rotate the bezel. When you find a style you like, tap OK near the bottom of the screen. If you decide that you’re okay with default dial style after all, press the Home button on the side of the Gear S2.