How to Set the Gear S2's Device Options - dummies

How to Set the Gear S2’s Device Options

By Eric Butow

In the Device menu on your Gear S2 smartwatch, you can choose from the Double Press Home Key and Wake-Up Gesture options, as shown here.

The Double Press Home Key option is highlighted by default.

Double Press Home Key

If you want to open your favorite app on the Gear S2 quickly instead of having to swipe the screen or rotate the bezel, you can select an app that you can open when you press the Home button twice. When you tap Double Press Home Key in the Device screen, you see a list of options that includes the default None option. You can select from one of the following apps:

  • Last App: Opens the screen within the last app you had open before you returned to the watch screen. For example, if you have the Device options screen open and you press the Home button to return to the watch screen, press the Home button twice within the Home screen and you’ll go back to the Device options screen. (Slick, no?)
  • Recent Apps: Opens the Recent Apps screen.
  • Alarm: Alarm is what you expect: You can add an alarm so that your watch will make noise when the alarm is triggered. If you want to postpone the alarm for five minutes, you can activate the Snooze option. You can also delete an alarm when you have no further use for it.
  • Bloomberg: Bloomberg shows you a summary of your stock portfolio and gives you a recap of the latest news from the business world.
  • Buddy: Buddy is an app that allows you to select your favorite contacts from your Contacts list. Within the Buddy app, you can tap your buddy to quickly call or send a message to that person.
  • CNN: CNN is a popular online news source (not so much on TV) that delivers up-to-the-minute news updates to your Gear S2.
  • Email: Email is a straightforward app that synchronizes with the email accounts on your smartphone and then displays a brief summary your email message on the screen. Tap the summary on the screen to read the entire message and reply to it by either speaking or typing your reply on the Gear S2.
  • ESPN: ESPN shows you a summary of the latest sports scores and news. You need to install the ESPN Companion for Gear app on your smartphone to use the ESPN app on your Gear S2.
  • Find My Phone: Find My Phone is a useful little app. You open the app, tap Start, and then listen for your smartphone to make noise. The smartphone screen turns on, too.
  • Gallery: Gallery allows you to view images you’ve captured on your Gear S2. You can capture an image by holding down the Home button and then swiping left or right on the screen.
  • Maps: Maps shows you your current location on a very small map. You can also search for a specific location and for businesses or features near you, such as the nearest lake where you can enjoy a day out.
  • Messages: The Messages app allows you to view messages and then either type a reply or call the messenger back.
  • Music Player: Music Player is Samsung’s default app for playing music stored on your Gear S2 as well as on your smartphone.
  • News Briefing: News Briefing is a news aggregator from Flipboard and provides you with a summary of the latest news. Swipe up and down to view leading news stories in a variety of categories.
  • Phone: The Phone app shows you notifications for incoming calls so that you can grab your smartphone and take the call (or not). The app also synchronizes the Contacts list on your smartphone, enabling you to initiate a call from the Contacts list or just tap the phone number on your watch. If you have the Standard Gear S2 or the black Gear S2 Classic that is supported by a data carrier, you can also respond and talk on your watch. Otherwise, you need to get out your smartphone to receive your call.
  • Nike+ Running: The Nike+ Running app uses sensors on the back of the Gear S2 to monitor your vital signs as you run and keep track of your statistics to help you improve your running performance.
  • S Health: S Health tracks your physical activity and measures your pulse while you move by using the sensors on the back of the Gear S2.
  • S Voice: S Voice is the default voice command app that lets you tell your Gear S2 what to do.
  • Samsung Milk Music: Samsung Milk Music is Samsung’s streaming music service that allows you to play music on not only your Gear S2 but also your smartphone.
  • Schedule: The Schedule app shows you your upcoming appointment as well as a brief note about your following appointment, if you have one.
  • Settings: The Settings app allows you to view and change Gear S2 settings.
  • Stopwatch: Stopwatch lets you time an event. You can start the stopwatch, pause it, restart it, and stop it. You can also view a stopwatch log to compare times from previous events.
  • Timer: Timer allows you to set the amount of time for the countdown, and when the timer reaches zero the watch makes noise to let you know your time is up.
  • Voice Memo: Voice Memo lets you record a voice memo on your Gear S2 that you can play back later. You can also save the voice memo as a text file to read.
  • Weather: The Weather app shows you the current weather information for your location. You can also add another location and view the current conditions in that location.
  • World Clock: World Clock allows you to add one or more cities around the world and show the current time in the city or cities.

Wake-Up Gesture

The Gear S2 turns off the screen after a few seconds of inactivity, which is smart because turning off the screen saves battery juice. By default, the Gear S2 turns the screen on and shows you the current time on your selected watch face when you raise your arm and look at the watch.

If you don’t want the Gear S2 to wake up unless you press the Power button, tap Wake-up Gesture. In the Wake-up Gesture options screen, tap Wake-up Gesture to turn off the wake up gesture. Then you can return to the Device screen by pressing the Back button.