How to Set the Gear S2 Vibration Options - dummies

How to Set the Gear S2 Vibration Options

By Eric Butow

To change the Gear S2’s good vibrations, tap the Vibration setting to open the Vibration options menu, which lets you change both the vibration intensity and the length of the buzz when the Gear S2 has something interesting to share with you.

The Strong text appears underneath the Intensity option so that you know the current vibration intensity is strong.

You have two options from which to choose onscreen.


You can choose how intense the vibration is. The default is Strong, but you can also tap Weak for a softer vibration, or None for no vibration. After you tap Strong or Weak, you feel the watch vibrate so that you know how intense the Strong and Weak vibrations are.

Long Buzz

Tap Long Buzz if you need the vibration to be a little longer to get you to take a look at your watch to see what’s happening.