How to Set the Gear S2 Display Options - dummies

How to Set the Gear S2 Display Options

By Eric Butow

The Gear S2 offers plenty of settings that you can change. Within the Display options screen, shown here, the Watch Faces option is selected by default.

The Watch Faces option displays in the center of the screen.

Swipe up and down in the options screen to view and change one of three settings options within the options screen.

Watch Always On

Tap Watch Always On to keep the Gear S2 on all the time. With this option on, the Gear S2 won’t turn off after 15 seconds of inactivity. Instead, you see the current time (either the analog hands or the digital time) onscreen.

After you tap the Watch Always On option, a warning appears on screen saying that keeping the watch always on significantly increases battery consumption. Tap the check mark icon on the right side of the screen to keep the watch always on, or tap the Cancel icon (it looks like an X) on the left side of the screen to put the Gear S2 in sleep mode when you’re not using the smartwatch.

When you set the watch to Always On, a green On icon appears to the right of the Watch Always On text. When the watch isn’t set to Always On, a gray Off icon appears to the right of that text.

Notification indicator

This option is on by default and will turn the Gear S2 screen on and vibrate when it receives a notification. When you lift your arm, you see the notification on the screen. After a few seconds, the notification message closes and the watch face tells you the current time.


This option sets the brightness of your screen. The default value is 7. Rotate the bezel to the left and right to change the brightness level. When you’re finished, press the Back button on the right side of the watch to return to the Display options screen.

Screen Timeout

The screen turns off after 15 seconds by default. After you tap Screen Timeout, you can change the time to 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 5 minutes. After you select a time, you return to the Display options screen, and the time underneath the Screen Timeout option shows the time interval you selected.


You can change the font style to Choco Cooky, Cool Jazz, or Rosemary (yes, I’m serious), or you can just keep the Default font. You can also change the font size to Small, the default Medium, or Large. When you change the font style, size, or both, you see your font changes in the Font screen so that you can decide whether you like the changes.