Select a Screen Lock Option for Your Galaxy S 4 - dummies

Select a Screen Lock Option for Your Galaxy S 4

By Bill Hughes

The first option for unlocking your Galaxy S 4, unlocking your phone with a swipe, fools exactly no one and doesn’t slow anyone down. Rather than just having the Home screen appear, your phone tells you to swipe your finger on the screen to get to the Home screen. Keep on going.

The next two options, using facial recognition and using a combination of facial recognition and voice recognition are better, and kind of cool. Your phone has pretty good facial recognition, and you have your face and voice wherever you go.

That said, these options have some drawbacks — they don’t work 100 percent perfectly. The face recognition is imperfect. In addition, your voice can sound different when you are under stress. Finally, it is not always convenient to use voice recognition, like in a meeting or during a movie.

Although these options are cool, the recommend lock option is drawing out a pattern as the minimum screen lock option. Then tap on the Pattern option. The phone asks you to enter your pattern, and then ask you to enter it again. It then asks you to enter a PIN in case you forget your pattern.

The next two options on the Screen Lock screen, PIN and Password, are the most secure, but only as long as you avoid the obvious choices. If you insist upon using the PIN “0000” or “1111” or the word “password” as your password, don’t waste your time. It’s standard operating procedure within the den of thieves to try these sequences first. That’s because so many people use these obvious choices.

If someday you forget your pattern, your PIN, or your password, the only option is to do a complete reset of your phone back to original factory settings. All your texts and stored files will be lost. Try to avoid this fate and remember your pattern, PIN, or password.