S-Voice on the Samsung Galaxy S 4 - dummies

S-Voice on the Samsung Galaxy S 4

By Bill Hughes

S-Voice, an app that comes with your computer, can handle some basic functions on your phone, including making a phone call, sending an e-mail or a text, searching the Internet, or even updating your Facebook status.

You may love this capability, or you may find it to be a gimmick and not very useful. Either way, you can have some fun with this.

Get started with S-Voice

To get started, all you need to do is press the Home button twice. This brings up the screen shown in this figure.

The S-Voice Start screen.
The S-Voice Start screen.

Now, ask for what you want. Say you want to call someone.

In the old days, high-end cellular phones would require you to train the voice recognition software to understand the basics of how you speak. No more. Just tell it who you want to call by saying “Call Bill.”

Be ready. In just a moment, it calls Bill. It’s that easy.

However, if you know several people with the name Bill, it asks in a pleasant female voice which “Bill” you want to call.

You may have heard of “Siri” on the iPhone. Siri responds to questions you ask it. The S-Voice app is the same idea, only it responds to the name “Galaxy.”

Many people refer to the application as S-Voice. Using the name “Galaxy” creates too much confusion between the app and the phone itself.

If you want to call Bill Boyce, a person from your contact list, say “Call Bill Boyce.” Within a moment, his phone rings.

A few pointers for using S-Voice. If you hesitate, S-Voice assumes that you are not ready to talk and goes into a sleep mode. To wake it up, just say “Hi Galaxy.” It wakes up, ready to resume listening.

What you can do with S-Voice

You can ask S-Voice to do all kinds of things on your Galaxy S 4. Some examples include

  • Telling you the time

  • Setting an alarm

  • Turning Wi-Fi on or off

  • Telling you the weather forecast

  • Setting a count-down timer

  • Recording your voice

  • Opening an app

  • Playing a playlist

  • Adding an appointment to your schedule

  • Finding a local restaurant, store, or public location

  • Navigating to an address or location

All you need to do is ask, and it will do a good job in finding what you want. For example, you can ask for a nearby McDonald’s, and S-Voice comes back with some options, as seen here.

S-Voice options on a location.
S-Voice options on a location.

Then, you can ask it to give you direction to the McDonalds that you choose. This causes S-Voice to hand you over to your preferred navigation application. This brings up a screen like the one shown.

Navigation to the location you requested.
Navigation to the location you requested.

Now all you need to do is drive there safely and enjoy!