Reset the Galaxy S 4 Calendar Sync Frequency - dummies

Reset the Galaxy S 4 Calendar Sync Frequency

By Bill Hughes

The way to adjust the frequency with which your Galaxy S 4 syncs depends on the kind of account that is providing a calendar. The good news is that all of these accounts are stored in one place: the Accounts tab of the Phone settings. When you open this tab, it displays all the e-mail accounts you added and some apps that you added.

Every time your phone polls the service, your phone is sending and receiving data, even if there are no changes. It doesn’t take much battery to do this, but it does add up. One option to save some battery life is to reduce the sync frequency.

On the other hand, you may find that the lags in updating your calendar are not frequent enough. What if time slots on the calendar on your phone and the calendar at the office keep getting double-booked because of infrequent syncing?

To reset the sync frequency, tap on the account, and it presents a hyperlink that allows you to change any sync options that you created.

Before you get too far playing around with your calendar, you’ll want to choose how you view it.

If you don’t have a lot of events on your calendar, using the monthly display shown is probably a fine option. On the other hand, if your day is jam-packed with personal and professional events, the daily or weekly schedules might prove more practical. Switching views is easy. For example, just tap the Week button at the top of the calendar to show the weekly display, as shown.


Or, tap the Day button at the top of the calendar to show the daily display, as shown.


To see what upcoming events you have, regardless of the day they’re on, you might prefer list view. Tap the List button at the top of the calendar to see a list of your activities, as shown.