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How to Remotely Disable Your Galaxy S7

By Bill Hughes

As a last-ditch option, you can use Find My Mobile to remotely disable your Samsung Galaxy S7 or wipe it clean. Hopefully, you signed up for a Samsung Account when you first got your phone. If you did, you are signed up for the Find My Mobile. Here are some of the possible scenarios:

You were robbed, and a thief has your phone.

Remote Lock: After your phone has been taken, this app allows you to create a four-digit PIN that, when sent to your phone from another mobile phone or a web page, locks down your phone. This capability is above and beyond the protection you get from your Screen Lock and prevents further access to applications, phone, and data.

If you know that your phone was stolen — that is, not just lost — do not try to track down the thief yourself. Get the police involved and let them know that you have this service on your phone — and that you know where your phone is.

You are a very important executive or international spy. You stored important plans on your phone, and you have reason to believe that the “other side” has stolen your phone to acquire your secrets.

Remote Erase: Also known as Remote Wipe, this option resets the phone to its factory settings, wiping out all the information and settings on your phone.

You can’t add Remote Erase after you’ve lost your phone. You must sign up for your Samsung service beforehand. It’s not possible to remotely enable this capability to your phone. You need to have your phone in hand when you download and install either a lock app or a wipe app.