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Recording Sounds on Your Samsung Galaxy S8

By Bill Hughes

No one else might think your kids’ rendition of “Happy Birthday” is anything special, but you probably treasure it. In fact, many sound recording apps are available on your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.

Some are basic and turn your phone into a basic voice recorder. Others can alter your voice. Others are meant to allow you to surreptitiously record voice conversations. Some can specifically record telephone conversations.

Be aware of privacy laws in your area! Some jurisdictions require only one party in a conversation to give permission to record a conversation. Other jurisdictions require positive consent from all parties. While rare, there have been cases where first-time offenders have spent long stints in jail for recording what was perfectly legal in another state!

In general, a simple record button creates a sound file when you stop recording. The sound quality may not be the best, but what you record can be just as important or entertaining as what you buy commercially. Your phone treats all audio files the same and all are playable on your Play Music.