Playing Favorites with the Galaxy S6 Contacts App

By Bill Hughes

Over the course of time, you probably find yourself calling some people more than others from your Galaxy S6’s Contacts list. It would be nice to not have to scroll through your entire contacts database to find those certain people. Contacts allow you to place some of your contacts into a Favorites list for easy access.

From within the Contacts app, open the profile and notice the star next to that person’s name. To the right of the contact name is a star. If that star is gold, that Contact is a Favorite. If not, then not.

Gold stars next to contacts indicate a Favorite.
Gold stars next to contacts indicate a Favorite.

To make a contact into a star, tap the blank outline of the star. To demote a contact from stardom without deleting, tap the gold star.

You won’t immediately see a difference in your Contacts other than the appearance of the gold star. When you open your phone, however, this contact now appears under your Favorites tab. This is like a mini-contact database. It looks similar in structure to you regular contact database, but it only includes your favorites.