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Pairing Your Smartphone and Gear S2

By Eric Butow

So the Gear S2 hasn’t quite reached the standards set by Dick Tracy’s wrist radio/TV. That is, you can’t use the Gear S2 by itself to get the most out of it — you need to use your Gear S2 with your Android smartphone. Samsung says Gear S2 supports most Android smartphones that run Android 4.4 (also known as KitKat) or later, and your phone needs to have at least 1.5GB of memory.

If you’re unsure about whether the Gear S2 supports your phone, here’s the short answer: If you have a Samsung smartphone running KitKat or later, you’re good. You can do anything you want with your Gear S2, including sync your email between your phone’s email account and your Gear S2, as well as share the Wi-Fi profile with your phone on your Gear S2.

If you don’t own a Samsung smartphone, connecting your smartphone to your Gear S2 is a more interesting experience. For example, if you don’t have a Samsung smartphone, you can’t sync your email messages between your phone and your watch. Other features such as Wi-Fi profile sharing and receiving text messages may also be limited (or not work at all). If you’re not sure whether you have these capabilities, you should pick up your smartphone and give Samsung a call at 1-800-SAMSUNG (that’s 1-800-726-7864).