Maximize Shortcuts on Your Galaxy S 4 - dummies

Maximize Shortcuts on Your Galaxy S 4

By Bill Hughes

You won’t spend much time there, but your extended Home screen is critical to your experience with your phone. Ideally, it’s where you keep the shortcuts to the places you want to go most frequently with as little clutter as possible.

This ideal is probably as likely as keeping your house immaculate day in and day out. Fortunately, keeping your Home screen clutter free is easier than cleaning up in the real world.

To keep Home as tidy and helpful as possible, remember that you can always do the following.

  • Add shortcuts to the Home screen for the following things:

    • Contacts that bring up the contact so you can then choose to call or text.

    • Text addresses that allow you to tap and enter the message you wish to text.

    • Directions to a favorite place.

    • Folders where you’ve stored Microsoft Office files.

    • Apps or games that you use frequently; see the figure.


You can add shortcuts until the pages of your extended Home screen are full. You can also add more pages to your extended Home screen. You do this by pressing and holding an icon. A silhouette of your extended Home screen pages appears. You add another page by tapping on the silhouette with a plus (+) sign.