How to Manage Samsung Pay on Your Galaxy S7 - dummies

How to Manage Samsung Pay on Your Galaxy S7

By Bill Hughes

As long as you pay your credit card bills and keep your credit card account at the bank, the Samsung Pay app is relatively self-sufficient. Still, you will need to access the app settings from time to time. You get there by tapping the Samsung Pay logo in the upper-left corner of the payment screen.

This will bring up the screen similar to what you see here.

Samsung Pay settings security screen.

This is a security screen to keep anyone who doesn’t have your fingerprint (which is you and only you) away from the actual settings. Have it read your fingerprint, and you get to the page seen here.

Samsung Pay settings security screen.

Now this looks like a more typical Home screen of an app.

Adding a second card is easy, and the images will stack up when above each other on this page. The quick launch link brings up whatever card is on the top. If you want to change to use a different credit card, you can flip through the options.

If you want to delete a credit card, all you have to do is tap on the card image. All the information associated with that card will appear in the screen. You also have the opportunity to delete it by tapping the menu option.

Enjoy your spending!