How to Lock Your Gear S2 Screen - dummies

How to Lock Your Gear S2 Screen

By Eric Butow

If you live with others, or if you’re in a public place or even a hotel room, you may not want people to gain access to your Gear S2 when you don’t have it on your wrist. To ensure your privacy, you can add a personal information number (PIN), which means that anyone — including you — will have to enter that PIN to unlock your Gear S2 screen.

To set up a screen lock, follow these steps:

  1. In the Connections options screen, tap Screen Lock in the setting options list.
    The Screen Lock screen appears.
  2. Tap PIN.
    You see the screen shown here.
    Create your PIN by using the keypad around the periphery of the screen.
  3. Type a four-digit PIN using the number keys that appear around the periphery of the screen.
  4. Type your PIN again to confirm that it’s correct.

The next time you look at your Gear S2, or after you turn the watch off and on again, you’ll still be able to see the current time on the watch screen. The lock icon appears at the top of the watch screen (that is, at the 12 o’clock position) so that you know the screen is locked.

When you try to access any functions, such as when you press the Home button to access the Apps screen, you see the Enter PIN screen, which lets you type your PIN and unlock your screen. After you type your correct PIN, the watch screen appears again, but now you can access all functions of your Gear S2. However, if the screen turns off, you need to type in your PIN again to access the functions of your smartwatch.

If you misplace your Gear S2 and the screen is locked with a PIN, you know that someone else will have a very hard time getting access. However, you also likely want to find the watch to get it back (and figure out who has it), so you need to use the Find My Gear option in the Gear Manager app on your smartphone so that you have a good chance of finding your wayward smartwatch.