How to Lock Your Gear S2 from the Gear Manager App - dummies

How to Lock Your Gear S2 from the Gear Manager App

By Eric Butow

If you don’t want someone to access your Gear S2 smartwatch when you don’t have it on, tap Reactivation Lock at the top of the screen. In the Reactivation Lock screen, shown here, tap Off to turn Reactivation Lock on.

The Off option appears just below the orange menu bar at the top of the screen.

The Samsung Account window appears on the screen so that you can add your Samsung account. If you don’t have a Samsung account, you see a window that prompts you to add an account. If you don’t want a Samsung account, you won’t be able to lock your Gear S2 from your smartphone. It’s that simple.

If you already have a Samsung account, as in this example, type the password into the Confirm Password field. Then tap Confirm. After a few seconds, the gray slider and gray OFF button in the Reactivation Lock screen change to a green slider and green ON button. Now you can return to the Find My Gear screen by tapping the Back icon at the left side of the orange menu bar.

If you take the time to read the text on the Reactivation Lock screen, you notice that if you contact Samsung to have your Gear S2 repaired via warranty, you need to turn off Reactivation Lock so that the nice tech support people can get access to your smartwatch and find out what’s happening.