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Leave Game Feedback on Your Galaxy S7

By Bill Hughes

For applications in general, and games in particular, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Play Store is a free market. When you come in to the Play Store, your best path to finding a good purchase is to read the reviews of those who have gone before you. Although more than a million users have commented on Angry Birds, most games do not have that kind of following.

One could argue that your opinion would not move the overall rating for a frequently reviewed game like Angry Birds. The same cannot be said for other games.

One of the new paid games is Dungeoneers from Monsterious Games. The game description is seen here.

A game description for Dungeoneers.

A Description page, before you download it to your phone, will show either the Install button or the price of the game; the feedback areas will be grayed out. The Description page after you download the game to your phone will offer the options to Open or Uninstall, and the feedback areas will be active.

In this case, Dungeoneers has been reviewed by 21 gamers, most of whom are pretty darn enthusiastic. Your opinion matters more for this game than for the heavily reviewed games. After you’ve downloaded and played a game, you can help make the system work by providing your own review. Starting from the first screen of the Play Store:

  1. Tap the Menu icon. This brings up a pop-up menu like the one shown.
    The pop-up menu for the Play Store applications.
  2. Tap My Apps. This brings up the applications that you’ve downloaded, as shown. The Play Store does not distinguish between games and apps. They’re all in the same list.
    Check out your downloads.
  3. Tap the game for which you’d like to leave feedback.
    The Game Description page with space for feedback.

    Tapping the title of the game normally brings up the game description. After you’ve downloaded a game, however, a Rate & Review section appears that lets you leave feedback.

  4. Tap the stars on the screen. This brings up a pop-up screen, as shown on the left.
    The ratings stars pop-up screen before and after entering feedback.
  5. Tap the number of stars you believe this game deserves. The right image shown illustrates the result for a five-star review. You then make a name for your review and enter any comments. You cannot enter comments without first choosing the number of stars for this game.
  6. When you’re done, tap Submit. Your comments are sent to the Play Store for everyone to see. For the sake of the system, make sure your comments are accurate!