How to Keep Your Gear S2 Apps Up-to-Date - dummies

How to Keep Your Gear S2 Apps Up-to-Date

By Eric Butow

Reorder apps or delete one or more apps on your Gear S2 smartwatch by tapping Apps Layout in the menu. View how the app icons on each of the three app screens on the Gear S2 by swiping to the left and right in the app screen area below the orange menu bar shown.

Swipe from right to left to view the third Apps screen on your Gear S2.

The apps appear in order as they appear on the Gear S2 Apps screen when you swipe from right to left. In screen 1, Recent Apps starts at about the 1 o’clock position, the Messages app appears to the lower right of the Recent Apps icon, and so on.

Swipe up and down the list to view all the apps installed on your Gear S2. Move an app by tapping and holding the Move icon to the right of the app name (it looks like an up and down arrow) and then moving the app tile up to the appropriate location in the list. An app tile contains the app icon, the app name, and the up and down arrow. Each tile is separated by a horizontal line.

As you move the app up and down, other app tiles in the list move up and down to make room for your selected app tile.

When you release your finger, the app tile appears in the new location in the list and the app tile also appears in its new location in the Gear S2 app screen above the list. For example, if you move the Gallery app in the list above S Voice, the Gallery and S Voice icons switch options in screen 1, which appears above the list.

If you move an app from one screen to another, the last app on the screen will be pushed to the next screen. For example, if you move the Weather app icon from screen 2 to screen 1, as shown, the last icon on screen 1 (the Gallery icon that’s at about the 10 o’clock position) will move to screen 2 and take the place of the Weather icon. Neat.