How to Use the Samsung Galaxy S 5’s Air Gesture, Air View, and Eye Gestures - dummies

How to Use the Samsung Galaxy S 5’s Air Gesture, Air View, and Eye Gestures

By Bill Hughes

The Samsung Galaxy S 5 adds some new capabilities to the mix. The Air Gesture, Air View, and Eye Gestures show off just how smart this phone really is!

The Air View allows you to hover your finger over the screen, and this capability will give you a preview of what’s in store for you.

For example, if you’ve programmed some of your contacts to speed dial, you can hover your finger over a number and it will tell you to whom that speed-dial number is assigned. You can also hover your finger over a web page and zoom in.

The Air Gesture capability allows you to navigate your phone without you ever having to touch it. Instead of the screen sensing your fingertips, the camera watches for your hand. If you sweep your hand over the screen to the right, the screen sweeps to the right. This also works to pan left, up, or down.

If that isn’t cool enough, look at the Eye Scan feature. This capability watches where your eyes are reading on the screen. When it reaches the bottom, the phone assumes that you want to continue and automatically scrolls down and brings up more of the page.

The next eye gesture is called SmartPause. If you’re watching a video and look away, the phone automatically pauses the video for you. When you look back, it resumes playing and picks up where you left off. Now your phone has one up on your HDTV!

SmartPause does take some getting used to. Many of the people who used it have become so used to missing pieces of a video that when it pauses unexpectedly, it’s distracting. You can turn off this capability by tapping the On/Off button in Settings→Display→SmartPause.