How to Use the Samsung Galaxy Note 3's Motion Features - dummies

How to Use the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s Motion Features

By Dan Gookin

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features an array of interesting and even quirky commands that take full advantage of the phone’s accelerometer and motion-sensing abilities. These commands all fall under the category of motion control.

To peruse motion options available to you, follow these four very simple steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Tap the Controls tab.

    The various motion commands are listed in the Motion Control part of the screen.

  3. Touch the Motions item.

    The Motions screen is displayed.

  4. Slide the master control icon to the right.

    When the icon is green, the master control is on and you have activated the phone’s motion abilities.

Individual motion commands are listed on the Motions screen. Here are a few of the interesting things you can do with the motion commands on your Galaxy Note phone:

Direct call: View a contact on the screen, and then bring the phone up to your ear. That contact is immediately dialed.

Zoom: Touch the screen with your thumbs, and tilt the phone away or toward you to zoom in or out in an app such as the Internet (web browser) app or the Maps app.

Browse an image: Touch an object on the screen, and shift the phone left or right to move the object.

Mute/Pause: Flip the phone over on its face, and the sound is instantly silenced.

You can try out the motions by choosing one and then touching the Try It button if you don’t like it.