How to Use the Galaxy S9's Digital Camcorder - dummies

How to Use the Galaxy S9’s Digital Camcorder

By Bill Hughes

Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera application can also function as a digital camcorder. All you need to do to use your phone as a video recorder is to put your camera into Camcorder mode.

Starting the camcorder

From the camera viewfinder, you tap the icon that looks like the record button of a movie camera in the upper-right corner, and you switch from photographer to videographer.

At this point, recording video automatically starts. You get the notification that says “Rec” in red and the timer from when it started.

The recording continues until you either tap the stop button, which is the circle with the dark square in the center on the right side of the viewfinder, or the pause button, which is the button with the parallel slashes in the middle. If you press the stop button, the screen will revert back to the still camera.

Your phone’s camcorder viewfinder.

If you press the pause button while in camcorder mode, the buttons to the right morph into the options seen in the small image below it. You can tap the upper button to switch back to the camera. Your other option is to tap the button with the red dot to begin recording again.

Your phone is not only recording the video; it’s also recording the sound. Be careful what you say!

How to take and share videos with your Galaxy S9 camcorder

Just as you share photos you take with the camera, you can immediately share a video, play it, or delete it by tapping the video viewer. Also, the video is immediately saved on your camera. It’s stored in the Gallery app or is viewable from your Video Player app.

You can get fancy with some of the settings for your camcorder, but you won’t find nearly as many settings as you have for your camera (fortunately!). Two settings: AF and brightness. AF lets you changes where you want the camera to use its autofocus. The default for automatic focusing is to assume that you want whatever is smack-dab in the center of the screen to be in most focus. However, sometimes you may want to get fancy with framing the shot, and focus on your family in the bottom part of the image with Mount Rushmore taking up most of the screen. In this case, you tell the camera to autofocus on the lower part of the screen and do its best on the rest of the image. Brightness lets you adjust the brightness of the video. Otherwise, it’s all automatic.