How to Use Mobile Google Searches on the Samsung Galaxy S 5 - dummies

How to Use Mobile Google Searches on the Samsung Galaxy S 5

By Bill Hughes

The browser that comes standard with your Samsung Galaxy S 5 phone works almost identically to the browser that’s currently on your PC. You see many familiar toolbars, including the Favorites and search engine. And the mobile version of the browser includes tabs that allow you to open multiple Internet sessions simultaneously.

To launch the browser on your Galaxy S 5 phone, tap the Chrome icon on one of the Home screens. Alternatively, tap the Application icon and then tap the Chrome icon.


When you open the browser on the Samsung Galaxy S 5, you can use any search engine that you want (for example, Bing or Yahoo!). Still, some functions — web searches and map searches — work especially well when you use the Google search engine.

At the highest level, the search process works just as it does on your PC: You type (or tap) in a search topic, press Enter, and the search engine goes and finds what you’re looking for. Depending upon the search engine and your phone, you might have the option of speaking your search topic aloud (searching by voice).

Android works well with the Google browser primarily because Android was developed by Google.

The Galaxy S 5 phone works to make Internet searches more convenient. Let’s look at the Google mobile web page that appears when you want to do Internet searches.


There are three nondescript bars off to the left that are circled in the example. If you tap them, the screen slides to the right to expose more options that Google offers you for your search.


These searches are all available on Google, but clicking this button makes specific searches for images, videos, maps, and so on even easier.