How to Use Bluetooth Speakers with the Samsung Galaxy S 5 - dummies

How to Use Bluetooth Speakers with the Samsung Galaxy S 5

By Bill Hughes

In just a matter of a couple of years, Bluetooth speakers, for phones like the Samsung Galaxy S 5, as well as other devices, have gone from an interesting (and expensive) option to a mainstream one. Prices have come down quickly and the variety of designs for the speakers has grown dramatically.

In all cases, you get the benefit of being able to play your music on your phone without the inconvenience of having headphones. You also get a speakerphone, although the quality of the audio can vary dramatically from Bluetooth speaker to Bluetooth speaker.

This accessory is best purchased in a brick and mortar store where you can listen to a variety of choices. Although syncing with a number of speaker choices can be tedious, it’s the only way you’ll know if a particular Bluetooth speaker meets your needs.

Although sound quality is essential, the folks in the industrial-design department have been having a lot of fun coming up with ways for the Bluetooth speaker to look. The first Bluetooth speaker option is the Soen Audio Transit, which has classic lines and a neat “switch-blade” kickstand to help it sit on your desk. The Audiovox 808 Bluetooth speaker is shaped like a can.


If you want to get a little bit silly, you can get the Yanko Design Pea Pod Speakers. These are seven small Bluetooth speakers that you can share among your friends while in your living room. They all play the same music and your friends can all listen to your playlist.