How to Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S 5 with Your Fingerprint - dummies

How to Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S 5 with Your Fingerprint

By Bill Hughes

One of the more secure options to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S 5 phone is to use your fingerprint. This has the advantage of being handy — after all, most people carry it with them wherever they go — so it’s convenient, then, unless you regularly wear gloves.

It’s not easy to put your faith in the technology. Even if your experience with technology isn’t good, you can always use the alternative password. It is suggested that you try it, see if you are comfortable with how it works. If not, just return to this screen and reset your options.

If you want to access your Samsung Galaxy S 5 phone using a fingerprint, her are the five steps you need to follow to do it:

  1. From the Apps Screen, tap the Settings icon.

    This should be old hat by now.

  2. Go to the Fingerprint link.

  3. Tap the Fingerprint Manager.

    This brings up the screen to register your fingerprint.

  4. Swipe your finger downward across the array of dots and the Home button several times until eight blue boxes appear across the middle of the screen.

    Be sure to swipe all the way across the dots and the home screen. If you don’t do it right, the phone complains and gives you a red triangle. Avoid the red triangle.

  5. Swipe-enter your alternate password. The app insists that you provide an alternate password in the event a problem occurs with interpreting your fingerprint.


    Your fingerprint is now in memory. You can use it to unlock your phone. It will also automatically enter your password for Samsung apps and PayPal. As time goes on, more and more applications will offer you the option of using your fingerprint instead of entering a password.