How to Unlock the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Your Signature - dummies

How to Unlock the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Your Signature

By Dan Gookin

Time to put that S Pen to work! You can unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by scribbling your signature on the touchscreen. As with the pattern lock, this type of screen lock also requires a PIN as a security backup. Here’s how to configure the Signature lock:

  1. Choose the Signature item from the Select Screen Lock screen.

    1. Open the Settings app.

      It’s found on the Applications screen. A shortcut to the Settings app appears at the top of the Notifications panel.

    2. Touch the Device tab.

    3. Choose the Lock Screen item.

    4. Choose Screen Lock.

    5. If prompted, work the screen lock.

      You’re required to work screen locks other than the Swipe, Signature, and None settings to confirm that you’re authorized to change this setting: Trace the pattern or type the PIN or password to continue.

  2. Use the S Pen to jot down your signature.

    Of course, you don’t have to write your name; you could scribble any word.

  3. Carefully craft the same (or similar) signature three times.

    After the first two tries, touch the Continue button.

  4. Touch the Confirm button to set your signature or scribbling.

  5. Type a PIN as a backup.

    The PIN must be at least four digits long.


  6. Touch the OK button after confirming the PIN.

    The signature lock is set.

The phone gives you two tries to use your signature to unlock the phone. When you fail, you must type the PIN to gain access to the phone. Likewise, you need to type the PIN to access the Select Screen Lock screen.

  • If you find the Galaxy Note too fussy to recognize your sloppy John Hancock, you can direct it to be more forgiving: With the signature lock set, visit the lock screen and choose the Accuracy Level item. Choose the Low setting. And practice your penmanship.