How to Sign Up for a Samsung Account - dummies

How to Sign Up for a Samsung Account

By Bill Hughes

Part of Samsung Galaxy S 4 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Signing up for a free Samsung account lets you access several important capabilities. You can download Samsung apps from the App Store. For example, this is how to access the S Translator app to enable you to converse with others in Spanish, French, and Chinese in real time. You can also use your Samsung account to back up the information on your phone.

If you do not sign up for the Samsung account when you first set up your phone, you will be prompted to do so if you want to access the Samsung App Store or try to use the S Translator app.

Before you get started, have the following ready:

  • Your Gmail account information

  • A password in mind for the Samsung account

  • The date of your birthday (no making up a fake date!)

When you’re ready to create the account, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the Samsung Account icon in your Apps screen to bring up the Sign-In screen shown here.

    Samsung Account Sign-In screen.

  2. Tap the link that says Create New Account.

This brings up the following screen.

Create New Account screen on the Samsung Account app.

  1. Enter the correct data and tap Sign Up.

If the link for Sign Up is grayed-out, you have missed entering some data somewhere.

You are now ready to try S Translator and back up your files.