How to Share Photos with Your Samsung Galaxy S 4 - dummies

How to Share Photos with Your Samsung Galaxy S 4

By Bill Hughes

Organizing your photos into albums on your Galaxy S 4 is important. After you’ve been taking photos for a while, the job of organizing gets more difficult. You can’t remember whether that picture of Johnny was from spring break or Easter. Start putting your pictures in albums sooner rather than later!

You can try to do this in the Gallery, but unfortunately, Gallery isn’t really set up to handle your entire photo library.

You have a number of options to get the photos off your phone so you can sort, edit, and organize them. It’s straightforward to do this with multiple images from within a given folder from the Gallery application.

When you tap Share, the pop-up for the Share options appears. From this pop-up, you select your sharing option. The multiple images are all handled in one group. Note: This is the same list of sharing options you have for a single photo or video.

There is much to be said about storing your digital images on the Internet at an image hosting site like Picasa. If you have a Gmail account, you already have a Picasa account. If not, just register with Picasa.

Picasa isn’t the only image-hosting site on the block. Flickr and Windows Live Photo Gallery are also available, to name a few. The advantage of using Picasa is that because the Android operating system and Picasa are both owned by Google, Picasa is already integrated into the system.

The advantages of using Picasa include

  • The storage capacity is huge. You might have a large memory card in your phone, but the storage available on any image hosting site will dwarf what you have.

  • It’s professionally backed up. How many users have lost phones? ‘Nuff said.

  • Picasa is free. Google offers this service at no charge.

  • Access your images wherever you have Internet access. Although showing pictures on your phone is great, Gallery isn’t set up to host your complete photo library. Picasa can.

  • Others can see your images by clicking a link. Rather than sending the full 8MB image of your kids for each of the 25 images of a birthday party, just send the link.

  • You control who has access. Picasa allows you to set up access to selected groups. You can set it so that family has more access than your co-workers, for example.

  • You can order prints of images from your PC. Picasa allows you to order prints from your PC without the need to transfer the images to another storage medium for you to then trudge down to a store to get prints.

  • There are tools to help you sort your images. Gallery has limited control over your folders. Picasa, in contrast, can get very granular on how you set up your image folder hierarchy. You can get fancy, or you can keep it very simple. Your choice.

Saving to Picasa is easier than sending an e-mail if you have a Gmail account. Tap the Picasa sharing option, and it will upload that image. You can now create a folder to store the image, edit the image, or share it on other web services. All this is as easy as pie!