How to Set Up Your Existing Gmail Account on Your Samsung Galaxy S 4 - dummies

How to Set Up Your Existing Gmail Account on Your Samsung Galaxy S 4

By Bill Hughes

If you already have a Gmail account, setting up your email on your Samsung Galaxy S 4 is as easy as can be. Simply follow these steps from the Apps menu:

1Find the Gmail icon in the Apps list.

Here is the most confusing part. The icon on the left is the Gmail app. The icon on the right is the icon for all your other e-mail accounts.

2Tap the Gmail icon.

Because your phone does not know if you have a Gmail account, it asks you whether this is a new account.

3Tap the Existing button on the screen.

This brings up this screen.

4Enter your existing Gmail user ID and password.

Go ahead and type your e-mail account address and your password. When you are ready, tap Done on the keyboard.

You may get a pop-up re-confirming that you agree with the terms of use and all that legal stuff. Tap OK. You’ll see lots of flashing lights and whirling circles while your phone and your Gmail account get to know each other.

If everything is correct, your phone and your account get acquainted and become best friends. After a few minutes, they are ready to serve your needs. If you have a problem, you probably mistyped something. Try retyping your information in again.

From this point on, any e-mail you get on your Gmail account will also appear on your phone!