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How to Rescue Your Samsung Galaxy S 5 When It’s Lost

By Bill Hughes

If your Samsung Galaxy S 5 gets lost, there are options that allow you to be more proactive than waiting for a Good Samaritan to reach out to your home phone or e-mail.

There are apps that help you find your phone. Here are a few several “lost it” scenarios and some possible solutions for your quandary:

You know that you lost your phone somewhere in your house. You would try calling your own number, but you had your phone set to Vibrate Only mode.

Remote Ring: By sending a text to your phone with the “right” code that you pre-programmed when you set up this service, your phone will ring on its loudest setting, even if you have the ringer set to Vibrate Only.

If you know that your phone is in your house, the accuracy of GPS isn’t savvy enough to tell you whether it’s lost between the seat cushions of your couch or in the pocket of your raincoat. That’s where the Remote Ring feature comes in handy.

You lost your phone while traveling, and have no idea whether you left it in a taxi or at airport security.

Map Current Location: This feature allows you to track, within the accuracy of the GPS signal, the location of your phone. You need only to access the website of the company with which you arranged to provide this service, and it will show you (on a map) the rough location of your phone.