How to Read and Send E-mail on the Samsung Galaxy S 5 - dummies

How to Read and Send E-mail on the Samsung Galaxy S 5

By Bill Hughes

After you set up the receiving part of e-mail, the other important side is composing and sending e-mails on the Samsung Galaxy S 5. At any time when you’re in an e-mail screen, simply tap the Menu button to get a pop-up screen.

From the pop-up menu, tap the Compose icon.


Here’s the logic that determines which e-mail account will ultimately be assigned to send this e-mail:

  • If you’re in the inbox of an e-mail account and you tap the Compose icon after tapping Menu, your phone sends the e-mail to the intended recipient(s) through that account.

  • If you’re in the combined inbox or some other part of the e-mail application, your phone assumes that you want to send the e-mail from the default e-mail account that you selected when you registered your second (or additional) e-mail account.

When you tap the Compose icon in the Menu pop-up menu, it tells you which account it will use. The Email composition screen in the example shows this e-mail will be coming from this account:


As shown in this screen, the top has a stalwart To field, where you type the address of the intended recipient. You can also call up your contacts, a group, or your most recent e-mail addresses. You tap the address or contact you want, and it populates the To field.

Below that, in the Subject field, is where you enter the subject of the e-mail. And below that is the body of the e-mail, with the default signature, Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S 5, although this signature might have been customized for your cellular carrier.

At the top of the screen are five icons:

  • Attach: Tap this paper-clip icon to attach a file of any variety to your e-mail.

  • Save: Tapping this icon, which looks like a diskette, puts your e-mail in a Drafts folder.

  • Cancel: Tap this icon and a pop-up message asks if you want to discard this e-mail or save it in your Drafts folder.

  • Send: Tap this icon, which looks like an envelope with an arrow, to send your e-mail to the intended recipient(s).

  • Menu: Tap the three dots to access a menu with a few infrequently-used options for your e-mail.

The Drafts folder works like the Drafts folder in your computer’s e-mail program. You can access it by tapping on the three-bars icon to the left of your e-mail account name. When you want to continue working on a saved e-mail, you open the Drafts folder, tap on it, and continue working.